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We adapt to your needs
We offer real estate advice to our clients, adapting ourselves to their needs and looking for the best real estate opportunity for them.

Owners and Developers

We analyze your needs
Our aim is maximize the real estate assets value, analyzing your needs and adapting them to the market.


We maximize your profit
We analyze the best profitability that you can gain for each property, for rent or for sale, taking into account your liquidity.

Asset management and administration

We look for your satisfaction
We allocate the resources needed for each type of property for sale or rent.

InmoSpace references

"InmoSpace brought us our new headquarters at a time of an emblematic building shortage suitable for our needs."
Juan Carlos Alfonso. General Secretary ICEX.


"José Luis Guillermo provided us a top-notch client such as CNMV. He demonstrated professionalism and dedication."
María Dionis. HR Director of Ferrovial Servicios.


"Thanks to advice from InmoSpace in leasing our new headquarters, we have the image of the company and work environment we wanted for our professionals."
Emilio Colomina. General Manager Mutua Madrileña Real Estate.


"It was my first experience renting an office. In every moment I felt that the treatment and service received was very good. Therefore, I have nothing really important to emphasize as an improvement aspect. I definitely recommend Inmospace and Itziar Guillermo as a senior professional."
Jaime Iceta. Administrator and Sole Shareholder ICETA Private Wealth Solutions.


"Over the past thirteen years José Luis has defended the interests of our Real Estate as if it was his, intervening in a number of greatest and important operations for our company."
Alberto Alcober. Business Director of Colonial Real Estate.


"InmoSpace has drawn up a report about the sale of certain real estate assets of the Community of Madrid, conveying a clear and professional manner positioning properties and requirements of investors for each type of asset."
Isabel Serrano González. Deputy General Director of Heritage in the Community of Madrid.


"José Luis has worked very effectively with us since more than ten years in some of our most important projects in both investment and rental."
Luis García Prieto. General Secretary Consorcio Compensación Seguros.


"InmoSpace has helped us supporting our Real Estate Optimization Plan othroughout Spain, developing multiple actions that have resulted in significant savings for the company."
Agustín González Hermosilla. Head of the Organisation and Human Resources of the Ferrovial Services. Director of the employee relations Ferrovial.


"InmoSpace analyzed, with great agility, three portfolios of office facilities to the tune of approximately 270 million euros, demonstrated a in-depth knowledge of the rental market and investment offices."
Miguel Pereda. CEO. Lar Group.


"InmoSpace, within six months, has given us a high quality service in the leasing of over 21,500 sqm, in headquarters of Ferrovial Services and the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade."
Jesús Vicente Asenjo. Head of Heritage and subsidiaries. Metrovacesa.

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  • Argensola, 27
    Argensola, 27

    Area: 145 sqm
    Seller: Poncelet
    Buyer: Inversor privado

  • General Castaños, 4
    General Castaños, 4

    Area: 320,00 sqm
    Tenant: Rápido Finance

  • Almagro, 3
    Almagro, 3

    Area: 220 sqm
    Landlord: Fusena
    Tenant: Grupo Iceta

  • Castelló, 128
    Castelló, 128

    Area: 574,00 sqm
    Buyer: Fundación Patrimonio Comunal Olivarero

  • Marqués de la Ensenada, 2
    Marqués de la Ensenada, 2

    Area: 1.080 sqm
    Seller: Particulares
    Buyer: Inversor Privado

  • Gran Vía, 30
    Gran Vía, 30

    Area: 568 sqm
    Landlord: Criteria Caixaholding
    Tenant: Confidencial

  • Grupo Lar
    Grupo Lar

    Analysis of three portfolios of office facilities, with an approximate value of 270 M. €

  • Príncipe de Vergara, 125
    Príncipe de Vergara, 125

    Area: 5.980 sqm
    Seller: Banco Sabadell
    Buyer: Reale Seguros

  • Pº de la Castellana, 278
    Pº de la Castellana, 278

    Area: 14.017 sqm
    Landlord: Metrovacesa
    Tenant: ICEX

  • Pedro Texeira, 8
    Pedro Texeira, 8

    Area: 460 sqm
    Landlord: GMP
    Tenant: Sobi

  • General Rodrigo, 6
    General Rodrigo, 6

    Area: 330,00 sqm
    Tenant: Norton Edificios Industriales

  • Jacometrezo, 15
    Jacometrezo, 15

    Area: 589 sqm
    Landlord: Cumuba, S.L.
    Tenant: Baud Branding

  • Valentín Beato, 22
    Valentín Beato, 22

    Area: 114,00 sqm
    Tenant: Magazine Club Viajes

  • Génova, 17
    Génova, 17

    Area: 527 m²
    Landlord: Colonial
    Tenant: Zooplus

  • Asociación Española de Oficinas
    Asociación Española de Oficinas

    Drafting and technical development of the standard for the measurement of office space.

  • Alfonso XII, 62
    Alfonso XII, 62

    Area: 900 sqm
    Landlord: Colonial
    Tenant: Clínica Eugin

  • Av. General Perón, 38
    Av. General Perón, 38

    Area: 312,00 sqm
    Tenant: Empresa Constructora

  • Torre Colón I
    Torre Colón I

    Area: 305 sqm
    Landlord: Mutua Madrileña
    Tenant: Spark 44

  • Marqués de la Ensenada, 2
    Marqués de la Ensenada, 2

    Area: 224,58 sqm
    Tenant: IDAR

  • Norias, 92
    Norias, 92

    Area: 354,00 sqm
    Tenant: Always ON

  • Doctor Esquerdo, 66
    Doctor Esquerdo, 66

    Area: 820,34 sqm
    Seller: Alrium
    Buyer: Unimedi

  • Santa Engracia, 84
    Santa Engracia, 84

    Area: 250 sqm
    Landlord: Asoc. Gremial del Taxi
    Tenant: Fundación Mujeres

  • Julián Camarillo, 6
    Julián Camarillo, 6

    Area: 436 sqm
    Landlord: Anida
    Tenant: Integra Formación Laboral y Profesional